Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wednesday is quickly approaching and my 2nd born son Kyle shall be here from Seattle WA for a week long visit. As I anticipate this visit, I hope for everything to be "just right" with all his memories and comforts of his old home he grew up in. I have not seen him for 13 months, so this visit is long over due. Cell phones, emails, facebook and Skype are all great, but there is nothing like warm hugs, sharing a meal together, and just plain real quality time in his presence. 
On the menu during his visit he has requested 3 old favorites, all homemade of course. Mac-N-Cheese, lasagna, and my secret baked tacos. Okay not so secret but they say they are the best tacos ever. The lasagna and tacos will be made in two versions, traditional, and vegetarian. Kyle and his girlfriend are both vegetarians.  

Meanwhile youngest son Corey and I have a mission today, to get some flower blubs planted in the beautiful new flower beds surrounded by river rock we have here in the pictures. It will be a wonderful weekend, and Wednesday can't come soon enough!

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