Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Three Sons

I was married in 1985 at the age of 22. At 23 my son Garrett was born in Geneva Illinois. Garrett started proving what an athlete he was from his first steps at less than 9 months old. He could smack a pitched wiffle ball across the yard at 2, and at 4 we "snuck" him in the 5 & 6 year old soccer league. Little did we know this would set a path for Garrett for his life. Though he did play other sports, soccer was always, and still is his passion. Garrett is now 25 years old, handsome, and still in fantastic physical shape. He still plays soccer and works out. He graduated from NIU business college and works as a carpenter for his father. He can have very proper manners one minute, and be like my ten year old boy the next being a goof ball. Just the right mix!

My son Kyle was born next  in 1987 after a move to Wilson, North Carolina, where we would live for 10 years. Kyle had a love for art as soon as he heard his first song, and held his first crayon. Through the years Kyle has expanded his love of arts to include acting, singing, playing guitar, stand up comedy, sketching, mixed media art, photography, and both acryic and oil painting. Kyle is now 24 and  is currently in a semi-final competition in Seattle for RAW artist of the year. Kyle is a vegetarian, enjoys yoga and is an animal rights activist. He has a wicked sense of humor which he turned into a craft by attending Second City Comedy school in Chicago. He enjoyed doing some musical comedy while also attending Columbia College in the city for photography as well. He now resides in Seattle Washington with his darling girl friend Sarah and plans to continue his education there, while he works as a party planner.

My youngest son Corey was the most difficult birth and yet the easiest. After a bought with cancer when I was young, I was unable to have anymore children. I very much wanted to have another child to add to our family though. When I realized how slim our chances were that we would get a baby because we already had two children, I decided to be happy and content with the two beautiful boys we had. I then put the idea of having another child in God's hands. I prayed that if God wanted us to have another baby, He would make a way. About a month later I received a phone call from the Mother-in-Law of my sister-in-law. It's all rather confusing but this lovely lady had a daugther that worked as a manager of a clothing store. She had a young school age girl working there that was pregnant, and putting her baby up for adoption. She had a couple picked through an attorney and an open adoption process. The couple then backed out at the last minute because they got a baby through an agency. About four weeks after we got that call, we had a beautiful baby boy. He was born in May of 1994, and is now 17. God is good! Corey is now a senior in high school, working part time for his Fathers carpentry business. He loves video games just like most boys, and has a passion for music. He has had this passion for music since he could stand on his own two feet, he started dancing. He now plays the drums, and is in a band, and hopes to carry music into his future when he goes to college.

Though my marriage to the boys Dad ended after 12 years, I will never regret those years. They brought the greatest blessings to me. Garrett, Kyle and Corey. My three sons!

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