Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Last week I called and emailed as many clinical trials (I just had to look up the words clinical trials lol ) for Alzheimer's.

The first call back I got was from a trial being done you may have heard of in Seattle using a nasal insulin spray. It has shown to not only stop, but sometimes reverse Alzheimer's.  Long story short, I do not qualify. That was a big let down. I did NOT give up! I continued to email and leave phone messages wherever I could find on the internet.

Today I got a call from North Western University medical centers memory center. The lady is going to email me their address and I will be sending all my medical records to them. I have passed a "preliminary" qualification for a program they have that is really more of a scientific study of people with Alzheimer's. They would love to have me, especially given my age. They are currently in the middle of a trial, so once it has already started you can't be in it. She said however they are always starting new ones, and they may even run this one again depending on the results. If I am part of their study I have a better chance I'm hoping of qualifying and getting into a clinical trial. I'm HOPEFUL!

Now off the Alzheimer's subject, my son Kyle will be here in two days, and I want everything to be just perfect. I'm realizing it won't be. I know that I am the one who will be disappointed not Kyle, so I need to just do what I can, and "let it go" in regards to the rest. The important thing is the visit and the time together. Right?

Onto another day, with hope for the future both immediate and distant.

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